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Children bring medieval Hereford to life

Over 90 children from years 5 and 6 at Riverside Primary School have visited Hereford Cathedral to help develop a local history project for schools about the Middle Ages.

Children bring medieval Hereford to life 1The cathedral building itself dates from the twelfth century and holds many stories about the day to day life of Herefordians through the centuries. The children were invited to discuss ways in which finding out about Hereford in the Middle Ages could be made interesting and exciting for classes from other schools. During their visit, they dressed in robes like those of the first vicars choral and, amongst other things, learnt about the devastating effect of bubonic plague and how the people of medieval Hereford tried to protect themselves from the disease.

‘I really liked learning about the plague and also singing the Latin words. Perhaps we could do more Latin’, said one Y6 child.

Another child commented ‘I think the dressing up was good’.

The local history project for schools is part of the educational interpretation of the St John’s Walk conservation programme at Hereford Cathedral. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, with additional support from the Garfield Foundation, the Tabor Charitable Trust, Croft Trust and W A Cadbury.

‘This generous support has allowed us to work with children and their teachers to create a programme for schools that will be both enjoyable and informative’, said Sarah Arrowsmith, Head of Schools and Family Learning at Hereford Cathedral. She added, ‘The children’s input has been invaluable.’

More information about school visits to Hereford Cathedral can be found on the cathedral web site at www.herefordcathedral.org

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