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Derwent Valley Research Framework Meeting

English Heritage has commissioned a series of Research Frameworks for the historic environment sector in England (including, but not limited to, archaeology and the built environment). The research frameworks strive to represent the combined views of community groups and other interested parties including museum, library and heritage professionals, academics and local and family historians. One has already been produced for the East Midlands Region and was overseen by David Knight, Blaise Vyner and Carol Allen. Currently, a research framework for the Derwent Valley is being prepared led by Dr. Knight of Trent and Peak Archaeology, and discussions with members of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Research and Publications Panel and members of the Steering Group that is guiding the project have identified ten key Research Themes, and within each Theme a number of key Topics.

They are keen to receive feedback on these Themes and Topics, and have arranged a series of Workshops the next one of which will take place at Strutts Community Centre in Belper on 15th May.

You are invited to attend the meeting which will help to shape the future direction of historical and archaeological research in the Derwent Valley and I enclose further details of the workshops and a list of the research themes that will be the focus of debate. If you would like to come and join the discussions then you would be very welcome.

Please email Gwen Wilson of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Team, who can also provide more information if you need it at: Gwen.Wilson@derbyshire.gov.uk

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