Exploring the rich and fascinating past of the historic counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. We uncover the history of the people, ideas and events that shaped the West Midlands and the world beyond.
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Issue 2 Summer 2013

Moving into the West Midlands

The second issue – ‘Moving into the West Midlands’ – explores the history of the communities who moved here to create the rich diversity of the region today.

Read the stories of these people from all over the world; their achievements and their lives in the beautifully illustrated pages of History West Midlands.

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Malcolm Dick considers how regional historians explore moving into the West Midlands

See how migration has shaped the West Midlands throughout its history

News and Views
Comments from readers and the history scene in the West Midlands

Revealing the Historical Patterns of Migration
Doreen Hopwood
The many sources available for migration history

Tracing the Movers from Herefordshire
Katherine Lack
Following the migrants from Herefordshire

Migrants to the West Midlands: A Biographical Perspective
Mark Curthoys
Individual stories that bring migration to life

Choudhury Zaman Ali: An Accidental Migrant
Malcolm Dick
The journey from Mirpur to Birmingham

Yousuf Choudhury: A British Bangladeshi
Malcolm Dick
A witness to Bengali lives in Britain

Understanding Migration through Oral History
Andy Green
Talking to Mr ‘Scotty’ Black

Coming to Coventry
Alison Taylor and Stacey Bains
Migration stories from the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum 

The Landscape of Migration
A regional map

Places to visit
Galleries, museums and places of interest

Indian Experiences
Malcolm Dick
Migration from South Asia

Birmingham’s First Asian Community: The Yemenis
Malcolm Dick
Historical links to Aden

Black People in the West Midlands before 1807
David Callaghan
African stories from Worcestershire and Warwickshire

A Tear for Poland
Andy Green
Thomas Attwood and Birmingham’s Polish connections

Hurdy-gurdies and Hokey-pokey Men: Italians in the West Midlands
Doreen Hopwood
Music, ice cream and ‘Little Italy’

The East Shropshire Coalfield: A Magnet for Migrants
Kate Iles
From Coalbrookdale to Telford New Town

Migrants in the Media
Paul Long
Television, Black people and the work of Philip Donnellan

West Midlands Refugees
Malcolm Dick
A home for the persecuted

About Us
Introducing the History West Midlands team

Books reviewed

Websites reviewed

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Issue 2 Summer 2013