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Issue 3 Winter 2013

The Word in the West Midlands

The Winter 2013 issue of History West Midlands, is entitled ‘The Word in the West Midlands’. It explores ways in which the word has been produced, transmitted and preserved throughout the West Midlands from the past to the present. It also looks at how observers or writers have portrayed the region in their writings.

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News & Views

Book Reviews


William Hutton: Master of Words
Susan Whyman

Spreading the Word: Bookselling and Printing Before 1800
John Hinks

Pamphlets and Propaganda in the 1640s: The Print Explosion of the Civil War
Andy Hopper

Print, Politics and Public Opinion: The West Midlands Newspaper Industry in the Nineteenth Century
Henry Miller

With Thanks to Leonard Jay
Caroline Archer

Places to Visit

Words, Birds and Birmingham Pens
Brian Jones

Three Midlands Cathedral Libraries
Malcolm Dick

Words on the West Midlands
Elaine Mitchell

John Sheldon: Master of Manufacture and Innovation
Brian George

To Be or Not To Be Remembered: Commemorating the Bard of Stratford
Chris Upton

Richard Hurd: Bishop and Bibliophile
Christine Penney

Vivid Impressions: The Industrial West Midlands in Words
Peter Jones

From Shakespeare to Tolkien: Writers of the West Midlands
Mark Curthoys

West Midlands Landscape in the Novels of Francis Brett Young
Michael Hall

Words on the West Midlands
Elaine Mitchell


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Issue 3 Winter 2013