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Glass charity acknowledges major bequest

Following the recent announcement of an ERDF application to create a world-class glass heritage site in the Stourbridge Glass Quarter, the world of glass has been stunned by news of a bequest from one of its most ardent supporters.

Ian Dury, proprietor of Stourbridge Glass Engravers and 2012 Portland Vase Project Coordinator, has graciously offered the British Glass Foundation the entire collection of artifacts created in his 2012 venture, on permanent loan, as the centerpiece of the proposed new museum. Ian has informed the BGF that all of the pieces are now complete, and that, whilst he intends to retain overall ownership, he wishes them to be housed in the proposed new Museum as both a reminder of the area’s illustrious past and as an indicator of the talent still extant within the industry that will help secure its future.

Ian Dury says: It was always my intention that these pieces should remain in Stourbridge in recognition of our glorious glass-making past and in testament to the skills that we still have in this area. The proposed new museum is the ideal home for them and I can think of no better custodians for these historic pieces than the BGF.

Chairman of BGF Trustees Graham Knowles says: This is a simply amazing gesture from a man who has the experience and knowledge of the local glass industry to put his faith in the direction that the BGF hopes to take it into the 21st Century. It is not only us who are grateful; the entire world of glass will appreciate the sheer magnitude of this bequest and what it represents. Thank you, Ian.

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