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Hereford Cathedral’s missing cross

Simon Hudson drawingHereford Cathedral is looking to replace a cross on its Tudor Booth Porch, the main entrance to the cathedral, which disappeared centuries ago.

‘This is a modern day mystery,’ says the Dean, the Very Revd Michael Tavinor, ‘as although we can tell from the physical evidence that there was a cross when the porch was built, there is nothing known about it or anything in our archives. This would suggest that it was removed very soon after the porch was built in 1518 – it possibly was removed within a few years at the time of the Reformation.’

‘Work has been underway over the past nine months to repair the roof of the Porch and other adjoining roofs with the generous support of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and ChurchCare, along with the Headley Trust,’ said the Dean. ‘The carving of a new cross, triumphant above the principal entrance, seen as you approach the cathedral from High Town and Church Street, will be a wonderful addition to the building and celebration of the new works, which of course ran alongside us hosting last year’s Three Choirs Festival.’

While the cross will complete the project, funding to have it carved by the cathedral based stone mason Simon Hudson and his colleague Alec Curtis on behalf of IJ Preece, is not available through the various grants and an appeal has been launched to fund it.

‘This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to contribute to putting a cross back on a cathedral,’ said the Dean, ‘and I know that lots of people will want to contribute and play their part. We are inviting donations of all sizes to support the work, with those contributing more than £100 being able to have initials cast onto a metal plate which will be fixed to the roof just behind the cross.’

‘As well as putting back something that is physically missing, this will also send a strong message about the vibrant role of cathedral life, our mission and how the wider community supports us.’

Forms to contribute to the project can be found in the cathedral, downloaded from www.herefordcathedral.org or by obtained by calling 01432 374261.

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