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Lunar Society City Centre Walk

lunar-guideGuide to eighteenth century Birmingham and beyond.

The Lunar Society brought together some of the leading minds of the 18th Century in an informal group of thinkers who met in Birmingham. Their discussions of technical innovations, experiments and theories had a global impact on scientific thinking.

Today’s Lunar Society and Birmingham Museums Trust have produced a free guide to two trails which allow visitors to walk in the footsteps of men such as Matthew Boulton, Erasmus Darwin, Joesph Priestly, James Watt and Josiah Wedgwood – some of the Society’s members.

The 1-2 hour city centre walk takes visitors to historic sites and buildings closely associated with the Society and its members.

The out-of-town trail follows other sites including Soho House (Matthew Boulton’s home) and the graves of Boulton, Watt and William Murdock in St Mary’s Church, Handsworth.

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Film coming soon
Walk the Lunar Society Heritage Trail with Sally Hoban. Available in April.

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