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People, Pens and Production in Birmingham’s Steel Pen Trade

Book Front SmallA book on the Birmingham Steel Pen Trade has been published.

The first comprehensive study of the Birmingham pen trade. Small beginnings in 1822 followed by dynamic action of entrepreneurs and workers saw the rapid expansion of the Birmingham steel pen trade to world centre status.

The ingenuity and skill of the Birmingham men, women and child workers helped retain domination of the world market for over a hundred years.

Manufacture of the disposable pen nib, contributed much to increased literacy and democracy through its large scale factory production and low price.

Through 354 pages with illustrations, this graphic account traces this intriguing story and the dramatic reduction of the trade accelerated by the invention of the Biro in 1938.

Editor: Brian Jones MA MBE
Publisher: Brewin Books
RRP: £14.95

Available from all good book stores including Amazon.

Orders via museum online shop @ £18.99 each including p&p or send a cheque to the same value payable to BPTHA.

Pen Museum website: www.penroom.co.uk.

All proceeds will go towards supporting the museum.

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