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Discovering a Mercian Treasure

Staffordshire HoardThis new series of three audio podcasts explores the Staffordshire Hoard, the exceptional collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver treasure discovered in 2009, currently undergoing one of the UK’s largest archaeological research projects.

Deb Klemperer, The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, David Symons, Birmingham Museums Trust, and Chris Fern, Staffordshire Hoard Research Project, talk to Jenni Butterworth about their journey to unlock the secrets of the treasure so far. They discuss:

  • How unexpected the discovery of the hoard was, and the significance of where it was found.
  • How the hoard is shedding new light on what we know about the ancient kingdom of Mercia and its people.
  • Where the artefacts in the hoard might have come from.

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Discovering a Mercian Treasure