Bridging The Gap – Fran & Martin Collins




‘Bridging the Gap’ chronicles the development of the rehabilitation programme in U.S. Army hospitals in the U.K. during World War 2. It begins by describing the situation whereby the heads of the U.S. military became aware of the benefits of rehabilitation and convalescent work through observing British practice and then describes the establishment of the first ever rehabilitation centre run by the U.S. Army. This book follows the process of the improvement and refining of rehabilitation work during World War 2, concentrating on the three main rehabilitation / convalescent centres at Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Stoneleigh (Stareton), Warwickshire and Packington Park, Warwickshire.

240 x 170mm Paperback pp. 166
Fully Illustrated (205 images)
ISBN 978-1-85858-525-3