Brum Undaunted – Carl Chinn



Brum Undaunted first appeared in 1996 under the imprint of Birmingham Library Services. This new expanded memorial edition published by Brewin Books contains, in addition to the original text, details of all those who lost their lives in the Birmingham Blitz, together with personal memoirs and photographs from some who survived.

The book has been produced in conjunction with the Birmingham Air Raids Remembrance Association who have worked tirelessly for many years to commemorate the victims of the Blitz. Their efforts have now been crowned with success by the unveiling of a suitable memorial.

Professor Carl Chinn, MBE, author of the book, has waived his rights to the usual royalties and the publishers, instead, will be making a donation to BARRA in respect of copies sold, the money raised being used towards the work of the Association.

A4 Paperback – pp. 184
Fully Illustrated
ISBN 1 85858 278 4