Marston Green – From olden days to the present day – Graham E Crawford




Marston Green – From Olden Days to the Present Day gives a comprehensive and fully detailed account of all the post war housing built in the village, including Lyndon Croft, Digby Drive, Aylesford Drive to Moseley Drive and the numerous fill in cul-de-sacs which have appeared around the village. The book also includes the most recent building projects and contains photographs of the new properties built on the old Chelmsley Hospital, the grounds of the Canadian Hospital (later the Maternity Hospital), the new Wavers Marston complex and smaller projects within the village off Coleshill Road and adjacent to Elmdon Road railway bridge.

The book lists full details of the many farms that were catalogued and sold during the break up of the Digby Estate in the 1920s. Much information is given regarding village activities in days gone by. Life in Marston Green during the war years is also featured, prominence being given to the many vital organisations that were set up, in particular those involving volunteer villagers who freely gave their time to become actively involved.

240 x 170mm Paperback – pp. 248
Fully Illustrated (418 images)
ISBN 978 1 85858 463 8