Proper Brummie – A Dictionary of Birmingham Words and Phrases – Steve Thorne and Carl Chinn



Steve Thorne is a born and bred Brummie and a lecturer in the History of the English Language and Modern English Language at the University of Birmingham. He is currently working on a PhD thesis analysing Brummagem English.

Dr Carl Chinn MBE is community historian at the University of Birmingham and is well known for his books on Birmingham. He also broadcasts to an ever growing audience on Radio WM and is a regular contributor on local history topics to the Birmingham Evening Mail.

The joint authors have collaborated on “Proper Brummie” which is the first serious attempt to trace the origins and usage of words and phrases in Birmingham.

National Recognition For Proper Brummie

Brewin Books were pleased to be shortlisted for the Besteman/McColvin Medal and in due course were awarded third place nationally for “Proper Brummie – A Dictionary of Birmingham Words and Phrases” by Dr. Carl Chinn and Steve Thorne, both of the University of Birmingham.

210 x 148mm Paperback – pp. 224
ISBN 1 85858 227 X