The Archaeology of Sutton Park – Michael Hodder



Sutton Parkis a nationally important historic landscape. Its many visitors are often drawn by the rich ecology that this public open space of about 2,250 acres provides. However, the Park also contains extensive and well-preserved archaeological remains of various periods of the past. The recent exposure of hitherto concealed archaeological features by heathland clearance has emphasised the remarkable extent and survival of these remains. This book reveals the evidence of manmade structures and objects that show how people exploited and managed their environment; amongst other things, the 28km (17 miles) of former boundaries that explain the present-day vegetation patterns; and the impact that the industrial use of water power had on the landscape. This informative and carefully illustrated book reveals the special history of this site to visitors from near and far.

ISBN: 9780752468006
Published: 2013-11-01