The Childrens Homes Village – Jill Plumley




Life in care has changed over the years. Originally children came into care when their parents went into the workhouse. Later children orphaned during the wars and when parents died from illness or accident were housed in one of the 12 cottages on Shenley Fields Drive. Some children remember their stay at Shenley Fields Cottage Homes with good memories that have helped mould their lives. Many however hated their stay at Shenley because they lost touch with their siblings. Children were originally housed in single sex homes and contact with other children from other cottages was not allowed.

Republished due to popular demand, this book has helped people who lost touch with their siblings to meet again. Many families have been brought together again. The book contains memories both good and bad of life in care. There are many photographs that have been of interest to families when parents talk about their life in a childrens home.

The Shenley Fields Cottage Homes were closed in 1987 and pulled down home by home. lt was a very sad time for adults and children who had to be rehoused but we still have our memories of 12 beautiful houses in lovely surroundings.

240 x 170mm
216pp Paperback
ISBN 978-1-85858-490-4