Visiting South Africa


Joseph Chamberlain’s visit to South Africa in December 1902 to February 1903 is remembered for the inability of the two protagonists, Chamberlain and his team on the one side and the spokesmen of the bitter-ender Republican burghers of the Anglo-Boer War on the other, to reach any form of understanding on the post-war dispensation.

Chamberlain undertook this visit on his own initiative, to gain first-hand knowledge of post-war conditions in South Africa on which to base his future policy decisions. He was accompanied by his wife, Mary, who made extensive notes of their experiences. They visited both urban and rural centres, starting in Durban in the last week of December 1902 and ending in Cape Town two months later.

In almost all instances they were heartily welcomed by the segment of the public which had supported Britain in the Anglo-Boer War.

KEYWORDS: Joseph Chamberlain, South Africa, Boer War

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