Joseph Chamberlain: Places to Visit

Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) dominated late Victorian and Edwardian Britain, but never became Prime Minister. His fiefdom in the West Midlands originated from his activities as Mayor of Birmingham, but after entering Parliament he continued to shape the locality and established, via his sons, Austen and Neville, a political dynasty. In Birmingham he professionalised party organisation, created lasting public works and manipulated a mass electorate. Nationally, he promoted social legislation and British imperialism, wrecked two governments and created his own party, the Liberal Unionists. The Places to visit demonstrate his influence on the city of Birmingham, including his residence, Highbury Hall and depict the back drop to his political career in the city.

  • Chamberlain Square and the Chamberlain Memorial
  • Corporation Street
  • The Chamberlain Memorial Clock
  • Highbury Hall
  • Birmingham Council House
  • Key Hill Cemetery
  • The University of Birmingham and the Chamberlain Clock Tower
  • Birmingham Town Hall
  • The Elan Valley

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