Roman Wroxeter – a place of myth & romance

Founded in the first century A.D., the Roman city of Viriconium – now the village of Wroxeter in Shropshire – has become a place of mystery and myth, celebrated for centuries by poets, writers and artists.

Lost for centuries the iconic Old Walls and the baths and forum revealed in some of Britain’s earliest archaeology lead to stories of fires started by incendiary sparrows, Welsh giants and bloody destruction. Even today, much of the 73 hectares – a town bigger than Pompeii – still lies unexplored below the fields.

Archaeologist, Dr Roger White of the University of Birmingham explores Wroxeter’s story through the eyes of artists and the words of poets including local man Wilfred Owen and famous visitors such as Charles Dickens.

Their works create a fascinating and nostalgic view of “The Roman and his trouble who are ashes under Urion”. A.E. Houseman – A Shropshire Lad

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