The Portland Vase - an enigma in glass

Mystery of Portland Vase: Tribute to British glassmakers.

The Portland Vase is one of the most beautiful cameo glass vases ever made. Yet its manufacturers and the enthralling images it displays are shrouded in mystery.

Probably made in the First Century AD, this blue glass cameo vase required a mixture of great artistry combined with highly complex manufacturing processes which have presented a major challenge to would-be emulators glassmakers for almost three centuries.

KEYWORDS: Portland Vase, Glass, Stourbridge, Graham Fisher, Roman

In Black Country,


Graham Fisher MBE

Thanks to:

Mary Spence MBE, Ruskin Glass Centre, Ian Dury, Terri-Louise Colledge, Corning Museum of Glass, Mike Peel, Marie-Ian Nguyen

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