How Birmingham became Chamberlain's invincible fortress

How Birmingham became Chamberlain's invincible fortress

For the first time author and historian Andrew Reekes has laid bare how Joseph Chamberlain with his relations, colleagues and friends turned Birmingham and the West Midlands into his personal political fortress.

His domination lasted for more than 30 years - A political feat never been repeated before or since.

In this fascinating new book The Birmingham Political Machine: Winning Elections for Joseph Chamberlain Andrew reveals how the organisation they created changed British politics forever.

In this programme he talks to our publisher Mike Gibbs.

Keywords: Highbury, Joseph Chamberlain, Birmingham Politics, Tariff Reform, Political Machine

Speeches that changed Britain

A fascinating and richly illustrated book exploring speeches made in Birmingham that changed history. Meet some of Britain’s most famous orators. The book reflects the importance of oratory in making a political argument. It may in a sound-bite era be a dying art but these speeches fulfil the first requirement...



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Andrew Reekes

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