James Keir (1736-1820) 'Forgotten' Lunar man comes out of the shadows

James Keir (1736-1820) 'Forgotten' Lunar man comes out of the shadows

Around the circle of the famous Lunar men of the Industrial Enlightenment are the shadowy figures of other important players.

Now, thanks to a Canadian researcher, Kristen Schranz, one of these men is emerging from the shadows.

Kristen has been searching archives and attics to uncover the life of James Keir (1735-1820), a prominent chemist and industrialist, who created significant businesses in Tipton and the West Midlands.  His achievements were widely acknowledged by his famous contemporaries but Keir is largely 'lost' to history.

History West Midlands publisher, Mike Gibbs, hears more about this Enlightenment Man.

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The Lunar Men

Led by Erasmus Darwin, the Lunar Society of Birmingham was formed from a group of amateur experimenters, tradesmen and artisans who met and made friends in the Midlands in the 1760s. Most came from humble families, all lived far from the centre of things, but they were young and their...



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