The friends who changed the world - Birmingham's Lunar Society

The friend who made the future.

How the Lunar Society in Birmingham which members included James Watt, Matthew Boulton, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood and Joseph Priestly - changed the World forever during the Industrial Revolution. Author Jenny Uglow talks to historian Sally Hoban.

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James Watt

Ben Russell

Among the many treasures in the collections of the Science Museum in London is the complete workshop of the Scottish engineer James Watt (1736-1819), acquired in its entirety from the attic of Watt's Birmingham home in 1924, where it had been left as an industrial shrine since his death in...

The Lunar Men

Led by Erasmus Darwin, the Lunar Society of Birmingham was formed from a group of amateur experimenters, tradesmen and artisans who met and made friends in the Midlands in the 1760s. Most came from humble families, all lived far from the centre of things, but they were young and their...



Jenny Uglow OBE, Dr Sally Hobarn

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