New Guide to Chamberlain's Highbury

New Guide to Chamberlain's Highbury

Chamberlain's Highbury


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New Guide to Chamberlain's Highbury

Released on Sunday, 16th September - Pre-order for despatch on Monday, 17th September 2018

Highbury is the home of the Chamberlain dynasty on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Built in 1879 by Joseph Chamberlain - one of the pre-eminent politicians and statesman of the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras - it was at Highbury that he and his colleagues met to take important decisions which shaped the course of British history and the world beyond.

This was the house that 'shaped the political weather'.

After Joseph's death in 1914 the family including his sons Austen and Neville left Highbury and it became an important hospital throughout the World War I.

Given to Birmingham City Council the house is now being developed by the Chamberlain Highbury Trust.

This is the first modern guide to the house and its grounds.

Cover: Paperback


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