Hidden Home Front: Episode 4 - The women who volunteered in WWI

How volunteering changed women's lives

From the declaration of war in August 1914 hundreds of thousands of women volunteered.  While some became munitions workers or nurses many in a rural county such as Worcestershire took on other less known roles on the Home Front.

Professor Maggie Andrews explains how women from the all social classes became involved and how this new-found responsibility and freedom changed many of their lives forever.

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Stemming the Tide

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Presented by:

Professor Maggie Andrews

Directed by:

Sean Griffiths

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ICE Productions


Actors: Dan Hagley, Sean Connolly, Debbie McAndrew, Stephen Bessant, Charlotte Martin

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Voices of War and Peace, University of Worcester

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Andy Partington

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Gary Tanner

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Ina Taylor - Egg Collection Photograph

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Imperial War Museum, Wikimedia Commons

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National Trust Croome Park, Black Country Living Museum, Worcester Town Hall, University of Worcester

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