Highbury Restoration

Highbury was the Birmingham home and political base of Joseph Chamberlain and his family. The house was built in Venetian Gothic style, richly decorated with images of animals, birds and plant life. After 140 years the roof needed major repairs. The film shows this work in progress, funded by Birmingham City Council and Historic England. The independent Chamberlain Highbury Trust is raising funds for the full restoration of the house and its historic grounds. It will then open the building to the public and establish a centre for the training and involvement of young people in leadership and civic governance.

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The House where the Weather was Made

From 1881 to 1914 Highbury, standing on the edge of Birmingham in the English Midlands, was the home of Joseph Chamberlain, the often controversial politician described by Winston Churchill as ‘the one who made the political weather’. In this fascinating book Chamberlain’s biographer, Peter Marsh, explores how the house designed...


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Les Sparks OBE

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Les Sparks OBE

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