Restoring Chamberlain’s Highbury - Tristram Hunt

Highbury was one of fhe most important political houses in late Victorian and early 20th century Britain.

This was the home of the Chamberlains - one of the leading political dynasties of the age.  Here decisions were taken and policies were formulated which shaped the modern history of Britain and the world beyond.

Tristram Hunt, a patron of the Chamberlain Highbury Trust​ and Director of the V&A Museum, discusses the heritage of the house and the vision for Highbury as an epicentre of creative thinking about the future of Birmingham and Britain.

KEYWORDS: Highbury,Joseph Chamberlain, Neville Chamberlain, Birmingham, Victorian, V and A

In Chamberlain, Birmingham,

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Tristram Hunt

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Tristram Hunt, Director, V&A Museum, Patron, Chamberlain Highbury Trust

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Sean Griffiths

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