Art and Industry: Places to Visit

'Art and Industry: the 1851 Exhibition’ focus on both exhibits and edifice. Commodities from Birmingham, the Black Country, Coalbrookdale and Stoke were displayed inside the vast construction and a Malvern firm, J. Schweppe and Co., provided refreshments for thirsty visitors. The Exhibition did not simply emerge from the imagination of Prince Albert: it had a regional prehistory. Derby was home to an exhibition in 1839 and the Birmingham Industrial Exposition of 1849 was a prototype for 1851. We know little about the people who made, erected and assembled the Crystal Palace, but Harriet Martineau’s visit to Chance Brothers reveals their work inside one factory.

Explore the places to visit in the region:

  • The Crystal Palace Museum
  • The Wedgewood Museum
  • The Pen Museum
  • The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
  • The Cider Museum
  • Bantock House Museum
  • Chatsworth
  • The Museum of Carpet
  • The Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron
  • Bilston Craft Gallery

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