Hunger and Hardship - Carl Chinn's Birmingham

Hunger and Hardship - Carl Chinn's Birmingham

Well-known Birmingham historian and author Carl Chinn takes a walk in the Broad Street area of the city where the notorious back-to-back communities once stood.

He describes how these impoverished communities lived on the edge of starvation in some of the poorest housing in Britain.

Carl also discovers how faced with riots because of the price of bread some of the town's leaders including Matthew Boulton created a cooperative to provide cheap flour.  He visits the new Union Mill in Grosvenor Street West off Sheepcote Street which was powered by a Boulton and Watt steam engine and stood in farmland which was swallowed up in the back-to-back houses and factories of 19th century Birmingham.

Join Carl Chinn on his exploration of the hard lives of many Brummies.


Carl Chinn

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