Unlocking the World's first great Shakespeare Library for all

Everything to Everybody
Birmingham, UK is home to the first great Shakespeare Library in the world containing more than 40,000 volumes including the first folio and thousands of photographs, music scores, programmes, posters and playbills from many countries - all owned by the people of the city.  'Everything to Everybody' is an exciting £1 million project by University of Birmingham and Birmingham City Council to reawaken this forgotten treasure to inspire Birmingham's future as a world city.

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Birmingham: The Workshop of the World

A celebration of the city’s history and achievements, revealing the wonderfully rich diversity of Birmingham’s people. Illuminating little-known aspects of the city’s history as well as rethinking traditional events and activities. Presenting up-to-date historical and archaeological research to a general readership: locally, nationally and internationally. Written by experienced and distinguished...


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Sean Griffiths

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ICE Productions

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ICE Productions


Sean Griffiths

Special Thanks to:

Shakespeare Memorial Library, University of Birmingham, Birmingham City Council, Heritage Lottery Fund

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